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Keyword Power!

Keyword Power!

When we examine the hiring funnel, we find there are really two types of people we need to address:

Because developers work most with technically savvy people, we tend to skew our resumes towards the second audience. What we don’t realize is that if our resume doesn’t get through the first part of the funnel it will never reach the technical audience we have written for.

Therefore it is equally important to keep in mind the needs and requirements of the non-technical readers of our resume. They have the largest set of resumes to process and if we write our resume in a certain way it helps them see that we are qualified for the job.

So how do we write for our non-technical audience? The answer is simple:

- Keywords -

Many non-technical people don’t really understand what we do and are rightly conservative in trying to ‘interpret’ a resume to see if it fits. They scan our resume and do ‘keyword-matching’ between the job description and the information given and use it to decide if we should move forward or not.

Therefore we need to look for important words in the job description and include them in our resume. We call these important words ‘keywords’. Mastering ‘keywords’ makes our resume easy to process.

There are two important points about keywords:

When it comes to keywords, we are best served by simply finding and reflecting exactly what the company has asked for. The Recruiter and HR has taken the trouble to write out the job description and taking them into consideration helps our resume rank higher in their eyes.

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