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The Amazing Resume Magic Trick

The Amazing Resume Magic Trick

As we know by now, when trawling through hundreds of resumes the default is to simply scan - paying most attention to the beginning of a resume and less and less towards the end. The very first part that anyone will actually read is our resume objective. Getting this right is critical to making our resume stand out.

Let me put this in a different way to convey it's importance -

Getting a stand-out objective is often enough to land us the interview.

Get this right and the rest of your resume just has be enough to not get the first four gatekeepers to change their minds. Once we get to the Interviewing Panel we’ll have to use the rest of the resume (and our charm!) to get through but the resume would have accomplished it’s main objective.

For this reason we must never go with the generic “I wish to contribute to your great company X because I am a go-getter and I know X, Y, and Z.” This is a waste of space and may as well be omitted.

A well-written objective must target all the gatekeepers in the hiring funnel. Spend some time here and it will pay off in spades. I know I am repeating myself and being a bit pushy but I really want you to get the importance of this section.

Ok, but just how do we target all the gatekeepers in one brief paragraph? It sounds really really hard to do. Fortunately, if we simply follow the three-step process described next we can accomplish this systematically and powerfully.

The 3-Step Objective

Because getting the objective right is so important, it may look like a difficult task. In actual fact writing an objective is a fun and creative process that you can really enjoy. Simply relax and follow the three steps below to nail that powerful, resonant objective that practically gives you the interview:

Step 1: First, the objective must contain the title of the job we are applying for.

Step 2: Ensure that the objective contains the skill keywords listed as required in the job description. Add the skill keywords as part of the description in your paragraph.

Step 3: Now, importantly, add some personal opinions of your own that demonstrates a deeper understanding of the skills listed. Specifically: